We are going to read data from invoices by using the ZoneOCR but we have the problem of paper shifting while scanning.



  • “PerfectDocument.tiff” (it should be the perfect scan of the document) and various types of shifting files (see attached file)
  •  MFP Client or Watch folder

How to do:

  1. Create a new workflow with the name: “Scan with Anchor zone”
  2. Drag the watch folder capture module and configure it to monitor the above created folder
  3. Drag the Zone OCR module, and open the configuration
  4. Load the test document "PerfectDocument" for this exercise and draw a zone:
    1. Anchor Zone:
      •  the anchor zone can only be one unique area;
      •  it is recommended to take a common area in the document appearing in all pages where OCR zones are set (logo, title, footer, header, ...).
    2. OCR Zone:   
      •  draw a zone on the reference number, then select an other zone around the "Subtotal".
  5. Drag the “Windows File System” Connector and configure it with the following settings
    ‐ Folder: C:\Output\WithAnchor
    - DataExport: create a txt file with inside the variables taken from the selected OCR zones.
  6. Save the settings
  7. Duplicate the new created workflow and change the settings as below (only for testing purposes):
    1.  Change the name to “Scan without Anchor zone”
    2.  Change the path of the watchfolder
    3.  Delete the Anchor zone in the Zone OCR module
    4.  Change the path in WFS with: C:\Output\WithoutAnchor
    5.  Chande the text in the data export

Now place all documents into both watch folders: C:\Watchfolder\Scan with Anchor zone and C:\Watchfolder\Scan without Anchor zone.


Link to the video: