Installation Problems Windows Server 2022

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r.napolitano posted this 28 December 2022

I have installed DN Server Version 5.22.09 on Windows Server 2022 without any problems during the installation process.

Trying to do a very simple workflow like "Watch Folder" to "Windows File System", just move a file from a input folder to an output folder and skip processing, the workflow is't processed successfully. Reason: connector error

Print Screen attached.

Can I check something?



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luca.scarpati posted this 28 December 2022

Hi Roberto,

Your error is generated because you may have imported your workflow from other installation. Correct?

However the error it is certainly due to a license issue or specific installation module.

We suggest you contact the support for your specific error, with debug logs and license serial number.


Just for info Windows 2022 is fully supported as you can read in the help&manual section.


Best regards,


r.napolitano posted this 29 December 2022

Hi Luca,

Yes. I have imported my workflows from other installation.

I contact the support today.

Many thanks!

Best regards,


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