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  • Last Post 04 April 2024
TobiasD posted this 21 March 2024

Hello, I installed the latest version (5.25.02) of the Document Navigator for a customer as a test. Exceptionally, it was installed on a laptop Windows 11 - (fixed IP) Unfortunately, the customer only has this one device. Now the customer calls me every day because the scanning isn't working. I change the IP in the Document Navigator manually so that it works temporarily again. Now an APIPA IP address ( is entered in the Document Navigator under “Network” and “OpenAPI”. If I use the button next to the IP to get the current IP of the computer, the IP does not change. How can I fix this? thanks in advance

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luca.scarpati posted this 04 April 2024

Hi Tobias,


in general as you can read inside our Help & Manual too the network cards with most priority mask is picked up, so please make sure it is the correct intended one for the network where your application operates.

Here some more info: OpenApi Settings


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