Konica Minolta Client - Not supported error

  • Last Post 16 March 2023
ClaytsP posted this 15 March 2023



I have a Konica Minolta C650i, i am getting an error when i try to push the application to the printer. It says "Device NOT supported" and then it says "Installation failed: InstallClient:: SDK Library Exception: Unable to connect.

I have setup the SSL on the printer and have made sure the settings are correct (using port 50003), but still unable to push the application to this device.

Please an you assist.

Thank you


luca.scarpati posted this 16 March 2023



please check the logs if in it there is some machine refuses the connection, so it is not a Scanshare problem. Consider also if you have anything in the network which can block or filter the connection to the device. Check if you have any certificate validation enabled in the device network settings, check also which Tls level you have enabled in the Security device settings.

You can check also if you get a HTTP 501 error if you try to open https://YOURDEVICEIP:50003 from the browser on the same Scanshare server which will show that the connection can reach the device (otherwise you will get a connection refused error instead).

Or for a easier approach we suggest to make a machine reset and then try again with the default machine settings.


In general for any specific request like your we suggest always contact the support.


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