Making the start button in the web client more obvious

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patrick.loxhay posted this 01 December 2019


I have found that the web client on KM devices can be confusing to use for users.  If a users starts the scan with the "hard" (physical) button then is causes issues with honoring any setting that the user changes on the screen i.e changing resolution, doubled sided etc.  The user must start the scan with the soft start button (circled in attached document) and it is not obvious that it is a start button.

If possible can the soft start button be moved on the screen, made bigger and changed from blue to green.  It would also be useful to disable the hard button (if possible) so the user can only start the scan by using the soft button.  I generally don't use the web client as it causes more issues for me in regards to user experience compared to the native client.  I appreciate that the issues may be caused by limitations with the KM device Open API platform.  It would be good if the web client could be tweaked as it does generally have a more modern look and feel.





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luigi.zurolo posted this 02 December 2019

Hi Patrick,

yes this behavior might happen because the hard scan button by default doesn't register to web events, however it should work correctly and exactly as the soft scan button when using v4.10 with an OpenAPI function level higher than 4.x (the default one is still set at 3.7 for backwards compatibility).

About the scan button layout we noted the request, thank you, so we will evaluate it in the next releases.