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  • Last Post 18 January 2017
Lonewolf1981 posted this 12 January 2017

Hey can you provide me with more info on how to configure the sharepoint picklists.

Can you get an item list for sub-folders?

What is the syntax for filtering a item list?


Regards Jeroen 

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Lonewolf1981 posted this 12 January 2017

I think it is possible but can we just add metadata from a workflow into sharepoint list?

luigi.zurolo posted this 18 January 2017

Hi Jeroen,

yes it is possible to add metadata into a list. In general the Sharepoint picklist allows to configure the different types of possible required data for the store side: libraries, folders, list items.

  • Library: simple list to return list of available document libraries to be used as target one for storing;
  • Folder: folders under a certain library (which can be also the metadata of a previous library list), subfolders can be obtained by selecting the root folder to query (which can be also the metadata of a previous folder list, e.g. parent);
  • List items: query items for a certain Sharepoint list, this mostly used to fill column in the store connector where they are of choice type and bound to a list, to replicate the same list selection on the embedded panel when filling in the item to be set for the target column.

The filter is a Sharepoint CALM filter:

  • Just text: the folder contains that text
  • Starting with: CONTAINS=xxx (same as before), BEGINSWITH=xxx (folder starts with xxx), EQUALS=xxx (folder equals to xxx), NOTEQUALS=xxx (folder not equals to xxx).