Multiple screens on MFP or clients

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tis06 posted this 17 November 2020


I tried to implement a succession of screens with data based on the previous selection, but could not figure how to do it.

E.g. you are scanning documents to an application.

1st screen would be to select customer

2nd sreen would be to select among the different sections/repositories linked to the customer, (so data would be based on the previous screen)

3rd screen would be to enter some documents related informations. (available selections/options would be based on the previous screen or screens.)




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luigi.zurolo posted this 18 November 2020

Hi Frederic,

there is no "screen" concept, you cannot customize the flow of screens and the first screen is always the workflows selection and then the questions for the selected workflow, before you can start the scan.

If you would like to make selected questions dynamically connected you can simply use the variable of the previous (or the excepted connected) question into the item list configuration of the next question (e.g. a filter into a query, a filter into a connector, subfolders, and so on).

tis06 posted this 18 November 2020

Hello Luigi.

I agree with you, and that's how I currently do it. But I saw the multiscreen feature in another middleware application, and found it usefull if you have complex questions or more questions than a screen can fit. I find it a nice feature. That's why I am suggesting it. Maybe one day... ;-)