Reference Item Lists in a script

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pauldtosco posted this 23 November 2020

Is it possible to use Item Lists as reference lookups in a Script trigger or similar?

In my particular use case my workflow is only set to Capture from a watchfolder. One of the fields I'm capturing is the name of the person who scanned the document to that folder. I have created a list to match the user's name to an email address but cannot reference the Item List outside of an MFD capture source.

To that end I was hoping to be able to refer to the Item List to match the user and return that user's email address in a custom script or similar.

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luca.scarpati posted this 23 November 2020



no in your case you can't use the item list, but I think there is an easy way for your sapecific case ... for example:

  1. Add your list into file .csv (USERNAME,EMAIL
  2. Into your workflow you can check the CSV -> you can query your CSV via script and take for example the email field relating to a specific username. Maybe this post can be useful for you:

I hope I was helpful wink.


Best regards,


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Bruno Ricardo Silva posted this 30 August 2023


We need your help.

We need to create a workflow in version 5, which captures an email box but limits it to 3 email addresses.

Because this mailbox contains several emails with attachments that the solution does not want to capture.

Is any script necessary?

Can you send me some examples?


luca.scarpati posted this 11 September 2023

Hi Bruno,


no we think that not possible directly in our software also because the Email capture simply monitoring the email box that you insert inside the email field without get any information or trace about the user email linked to it.

Maybe you can monitor the single "3 email addresses" and with some filter try to process the correct email for example checking the email subject.

Here a list of the variable available: Variable list - mail variable


Have a nice start of week!

Best regards.