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Michael Foster posted this 12 November 2018


Is it possible to scan into a repository sub folder? I have set up questions that use the repository connector to return the first folder, then tried using that variable in the next question to select a sub folder but it only returns the top level folders.


Also, there is no option for a unique counter when naming repository documents. Could this be added to the next version. Could you suggest another variable to use?

Regards, Mike

Scanshare version 4.9.1 64bit

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luca.scarpati posted this 14 November 2018

Hi Mike,

we replicated your own behavior, the PickList always returns the root by passing a different variable as root folder. It's strange because it always worked, we check and let you know.


For the name of the document now in the Repository if during the store finds the same name there will be a new version of that file, so a counter is not possible because it will automatically create a new version of that document. In the future we have foreseen a user choice, for disable versioning for that particular document according to the user's choice and maybe add a counter (looks like WFS) if it needs it.


Best regards,


luca.scarpati posted this 15 November 2018

Hi Mike,


attached you will find the new DLL that works only for the Scanshare brand.

Please follow these steps: 

  • Stop Ultidev Web Server
  • Stop All Scanshare Process
  • Replace the DLL in the C:\YOURPATHAPPLICATION\Scanshare\Scanshare\Web\AppData\Dependencies
  • Replace the DLL in the C:\YOURPATHAPPLICATION\Scanshare\Scanshare\Web\Connectors\RepositoryConnector
  • Start Ultidev Web Server

Try your process again and you will see that everything will work cool.


Have a nice day and thank you for your feedback!


Best regards,


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Michael Foster posted this 15 November 2018

Hi Luca,


Thanks for your work on this, the new dll file has done the trick!

Regards, Mike

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