Scan to NAS Folder - the folders showed are not order alphabetically.

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KM_BTS posted this 19 April 2017

System is mapping NAS folder in question for folder selection from the end user at the device terminal.


Image dn1.png

When we select “show list results” the folders that are showed are not order alphabetically.

Image dn2.png


This happens at the KM device terminal and for the end user it’s difficult to find the folder for selection.

Image dn3.png


If we map a local server folder (for ex. C:Scanner) with several folders inside, they are mapped in alphabetically order.

Do you have any similar experience?

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luigi.zurolo posted this 20 April 2017

Yes this is a known behaviour because the connector is returning the folders list based on the ordered returned by the OS, which unfortunately is not predictable and could be anything.

However we have the patch to make it alphabetically ordered, attached versions for both v3 and v4. Download the appropriate one (your screens are from v3) and replace according the following instructions:


  • Replace the WindowsFileSystem.dll inside the folder C:INSTFOLDERConnectors


  • Replace the WindowsFileSystem.dll inside the folder C:INSTFOLDERWebConnectorsWindowsFileSystemin
  • Replace the WindowsFileSystem.dll inside the folder C:INSTFOLDERWebAppDataDependencies

For both versions it is required to first stop all services (v4 also the webserver) and restart them after the file replacement.

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KM_BTS posted this 24 April 2017

od morning Luigi,

Perfect...It worked very well.

Thank you very much for your help.

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