Scanshare Ent decreasing HDD disk space

  • Last Post 05 December 2019
Andre LaB posted this 02 December 2019

Hi All,

Does Scanshare save non essential files in its folder structure that can cause a reduction in disk space and what can be deleted?



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luca.scarpati posted this 02 December 2019

Hi Andre,


no, Scanshare in general does not save any file/document on hard disk, everything that is processed is deleted at the end of the process.

If the process has not been successful then the user can take a look at the "not processed" folder in the ProgramData folder ... here you will find the document/documents...all document process steps from input to output can be found in debug logs laughing.


Have a nice day!


Best regards,


luigi.zurolo posted this 05 December 2019

Ciao Andre,

Data folder is C:\ProgramData\Scanshare and here there are logs and temp files which might take space.

Logs are normally (by default settings) removed after 14 days, however in 14 days they can take GB of data depending on the level of logging and amount of usage, those can be removed without any problems.


Temp folder here contains temporary files from processing, it might be possible files are left here if processes are interrupted or services stopped in the middle of processing or similar, please check this one too and if there are no processing documents its contents can be removed completely without any problems.


More over the Failover folder 'NotProcessed' might contain copy of failed documents (so also quite some space according the type and size of documents) and if nobody ever checked those documents they will stay there for ever since Scanshare doesn’t delete them automatically when they are not successfully processed and stored.


Temp folder contains also temporary files for Load Balancing if you ever access the UI section, a folder called "LoadBalancing_Work" will be created holding the process cluster installer files which can take up to a GB aprox, however it stays with fixed contents once created. If load balancing module is active but not used this folder can be removed as well because it will be recreated automatically at the first next use of the module.