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pauldtosco posted this 08 May 2024


I'm trying to use the SharePoint Connector to add a hyperlink to a List item. However, I can only seem to upload correctly if the List item is set to Text - if I set it to hyperlink not only does the hyperlink not populate, but none of the remaining metadata uploads either.

Is there a way to get a hyperlink (URL) into SharePoint AS a hyperlink, or am I limited to sending plaintext metadata only?

Thanks for your time.

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pauldtosco posted this 08 May 2024

 Call off the hounds, I was able to format the uploaded url using SharePoint's json formatting.

I went the column containing the plain text url, clicked Column > Column Settings > Format this column and added the following json (in the advanced mode link):

{ "$schema": "", "elmType": "a", "attributes": { "href": "@currentField", "target": "_blank" }, "txtContent": "Link" }


This makes the text a clickable hyperlink that opens in a new browser tab. It hides the full URL behind the word "Link". If you want the url text to visible instead, change the value of txtContent to @currentField.


Leaving this here just in case someone else finds it useful.

luca.scarpati posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Paul,


great and thanks for the info, for "advanced" Sharepoint users only cool.

Have a nice weekend!