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Hi Folks,

I'm using v4.10 to connect to a SharePoint online document library that has multiple folders with different levels of sub-folders in each. Is there any way that I can configure the connector to browser the complete library with just one question or do I have to create a workflow for each folder?

All help and advice gratefully received



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luigi.zurolo posted this 30 June 2020

Hi Gordon,


normally you need a single question (not a single workflow) for each folder level you would like to browse, that's the typical way of configuring sub levels for any type of connector (Sharepoint but also any other which has a folder structure). The first question is pointing for the first level you want to browse and every additional question will take as parent the variable of the previous question so that they will browse each other sub level, till the level you would like to reach.

In order to use one unique question we have the new "Selected with tree" question type which will start from a specified level and display a tree in the client in order to browse completely the objects in one unique question.

The new type is available only for Web clients and since 4.11, so you rather update to the latest version available (06.20 for both v4 and v5). Currently this type of question is only available for certain connectors because not all of them implemented it yet: Windows File System, Google Drive, OneDrive (both personal and for business), Sharepoint (both on premise and online). posted this 01 July 2020

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for the reply. I've configured the "Selected with tree" and that returns 2 level's in the SP folder structure but if I configure it for windows folder structure it will go down multiple levels without issue, is that a limitation on the SP side?

Also when I use the the variable to route to the output folder I'm trying to scan to it recreates the folder on the top level?

What am I doing wrong :-)






luigi.zurolo posted this 03 July 2020

Hi Gordon,


it could be a configuration issue, could you please send us your workflow via Don't attach it here since the forum is public.

Thank you :-).