Sorting packing lists from different Suppliers

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c.Biehl posted this 08 April 2022

Hey there,

i have a little problem.

I want to sort through scaned packing list an sort them by supplier and name them by supplier and date of shipping.

I am goint to provide one example.

The dokument will be searched for the Supplier name if found name is equal to the name i provided it gets put into the apropiat folder, otherwise it should get searched by the next task and so on.

I get one of the eight test lists into a folder and the others are going into the eather.

Is the way i am doing this to complex or am i just doing it wrong?


Oh and one other question is it possible to split the dokument with this method?

For now i seperate them by QR code but we dont want to skip this step, so we dont have to print the QR codes and put them on the packing lists.


With kind reguards C.Biehl

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luca.scarpati posted this 11 April 2022



Let's start by saying that in Scanshare there are so many ways to do the same thing cool.

Your workflow is more complex to normal and long also because imagine that the same customer adds another 10 document templates you will arrive at a "mega" complex workflow.

For example a fast way is for example a workflow with a Smart OCR (or Script) would be done quickly, without being there to check all the conditions with triggers and mostly it is more accurate because they do not work on fixed zone such as the zone ocr module.

However your case should work the same, of course it depends on what you have set in your Zone OCR, maybe if you have problems with your purposes you can send more information (logs in debug, export workflow, input example...) to your local dealer/NOC, if they cannot resolve then they will contact our support directly.


For separation, there is also separation via zone ocr, maybe in your case we suggest you first create a workflow that separates and then start the process for your case above.


Best regards,


c.Biehl posted this 12 April 2022

Hey Luca,

thank you for the tips and sugestiuons.

I think that I have to get another version of this Software because the one Provided by Toshiba an Konica Minolta don´t have Smart OCR but i can see how  it works now.

I have read a little bit more matirial on the matter and have concluded that the option with smart ocr is the best course of action for our workflow and for consistency.

Best regards,


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luca.scarpati posted this 13 April 2022



more than welcome smile

In general the modules are the same in the various versions for our different brands, however maybe you had different versions or simply old licenses so maybe with an outdated template. We always suggest to keep your license updated, maybe you can request it from your NOC.


Have a nice day!


Best regards,