use like operator in sql string

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giulio posted this 27 July 2018


in my workflow I want to filter the list extracted through a sql.

I have set a first question where I input the value of the search (% filter%)

in the second question i sets a type selected from sql

in the query i have set

"select pratica_numero, client_name from pratiche

where cast(pratica_numero as varchar(5)) like %filtro% order by pratica_numero desc"


the column pratica_numero is a integer value

now in the first question i put the value es 403%, in the next question the result of picklist is empty


any help?


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tis06 posted this 30 July 2018

I would do it as follow

select pratica_numero, client_name

from pratiche

where UCASE(cast(pratica_numero as varchar(5))) like UCASE('%%filtro%%')

order by pratica_numero desc


The UCASE is so you don't have to worry about case sensitive. Not important in this case with a number. But it is with names and others. And you have to double the % so there will be one for sql and one for the variable. It worked for me this way.

You put 403 in the filter field, with no %


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giulio posted this 03 August 2018


it works !!!

thanks a lot