Using OMR to mark a multiple choise test.

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Michael Foster posted this 08 April 2017

Hello ScanShare community,

I am currently working on creating a number of workflows to demonstrate the abilities of ScanShare, one of which could be useful to our customers in education.

I would like to use OMR to check if the correct answer has been selected for multiple questions, then use that data to automatically mark the test.

  • Dependent on the test name/number, an original scan of the test is stored in a folder %OCR_ZONE01_TEST_NUMBER%\%FORM% with filename %STUDENT_NAME%_%UNIQUECOUNTER%. Where the variables %FORM% and %STUDENT_NAME% are obtained by questions asked at the capture source.
  • If the correct answer has been marked a variable, %TOTAL_SCORE%, would be increased by one.
  • If the wrong answer has been marked, nothing would happen.
  • If the correct answer, and a wrong answer has been marked, the file would be marked for verification or manual marking.
  • The variable, %TOTAL_SCORE%, would then be automatically annotated in a specific area of the document. A marked copy of the test would then be output to a separate folder, leaving the original unmarked test in its own folder.

Is this possible with the processes within ScanShare, or would this require a script? Any help or advice would be appreciated. I have included a simple test I have been using to develop this workflow.

Regards, Mike

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luca.scarpati posted this 11 April 2017

Hi Mike,


I will try to help you in creating your workflow. I will focus only on the first question in the test, then you will be easy to add condition to ensure that applies throughout the test.


   1. Create 2 questions: Student Name and Form;


   2. Create a zone OCR to get a Test Number;


   3. Create a  zone OMR who read the answers of the first question, as you requested :


            - if the correct answer has been marked, Total Score would be increased by one;


            - if the wrong answer has been marked, Total Score nothing would happen;


            - if the correct answer and a wrong answer has been marked, Total Score would be increased by one but it will be            copied to another folder.


   4. Create a document with the annotation automatically of the Total Score in the upper right of the document.


I have created the workflow moving in a folder Manual Marking when you need a correction manually, but you can do what you want for example send an email and in the latest version v4.7 there is the " new optional" verification module that is your right case to allow the user to verify the answer and if you want to change the value of Total Score.



Enjoy your OMR Experience cool!



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Michael Foster posted this 28 April 2017

Hi Luca,

Thank you for the above, I have been working on this since you replied (I have't used VB Scripts for a long time).

I have adjusted and added to the script so that it now works for 5 questions.I hope to integrate this into a larger more complex WorkFlow in the coming weeks.

Thank you again, Mike - Copy Print Services.

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