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J.Bruna posted this 29 November 2023



Hello everyone;


In previous versions I know that there was a URlort which was accessed directly to the web client. In this version I can access but through URL_server:60440 and then in the web client section. Can I directly access the web client? (I think this could be done with the DN4 version.


Secondly, when accessing the web client from the DN5 server, I select the workflow and when uploading documents it does not allow me to upload separate documents in bulk. If I choose IMPORT and select several documents, it manages them as different pages of the same document....


Is there a way that if I put the documents in a hotfolder folder the webclient will recognize them directly and I can manage them from there?


Thank you very much in advance.


NOTE: In the attached image you can see the web service where I want to upload, in this case, several delivery notes at a time to manage them.


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luca.scarpati posted this 01 December 2023

Hi JBruna,


you are referring to what was possible with a PC client of V4 which is obviously different in terms of technology compared to a Web client.

However, it is possible to do both your request:

  1. In your screen you use the WebClient with administrator access so you see the entire menu list, however if you log in with a non-administrator user you can choose your landing page in the user preferences as you can see inside our help&manual section: https://help.scanshare.com/home/users/users-preferences/#general 
    For example with my user, have setted collapsed menu an WebClient as main page:

  2. of course this is also possible using the default folder here all the info about it: https://help.scanshare.com/home/capture/capture-web-client/#general
    For example in my workflow we use this:

Best regards,