Zone OCR bringing up different data every scan

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ClaytsP posted this 14 October 2022


We are using the trial verser of Doc Nav v5 (server) and we have setup a document with an anchor and 2 zones. The zones read separate data (Order number) and (Part number). 
I have configured the workflow that sees the first zone and names the document accordingly, the second zone (Part Number) is not read very accurately and often there is missing numbers from the string.

I have tried changing the Engine and using the different recognition modules, so far i am using the (OMNIFontMText) and this give me the correct first zone (218854-000 as opposed to 218854.000), but the part number has all sorts of incorrect characters in the naming.

Please could you help?

Thank you

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luca.scarpati posted this 17 October 2022



the anchor often gives false results if the area taken does not fully respect the initial document with which you created it.

If the zone not is really fixed and for more accurate result in output we always suggest various ways in your case:

  1. Zone OCR + Script to get the correct value
  2. SmartOCR
  3. Script

...... one of these options is usually always the best.

I think is useless chenging more option if your problem is the position, so i think the defailt value in the recognition module is good, just for more info here all the info about the different recognition modules :

 And here some more info about the scripting:


Best regards,


ClaytsP posted this 18 October 2022

Hi Luca,


Thank you for your reply, is there perhaps any way that you can assist me with the script please?
I am using the 30-day trial and ther eis no SmartOCR on this trial version.


Thank you

Best Regards


luca.scarpati posted this 21 October 2022



I suggest you contact your dealer/NOC first, for sure they will know how to request a trial license. 

If you don't know any dealer or NOC, please write to our support and we will suggest who and how to contact them.


Have a nice weekendcool!

Best regards,