Zone OCR with varying page size

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jjkk posted this 4 weeks ago


I'm running into an issue where the documents being saved from the scanner into the watchfolder are not all the same size. I have drawn the OCR detection box and setup the regex however when the job runs it fails with "zone out of bounds" when it hits a page which isnt quite the same width.

If the zone doesnt exist on the page i would prefer it would be ignored and proceed but log an entry somewhere with a warning. Is there a way to get this functionality?

I have attempted to have the settings from the scanner side altered to ensure all pages come through with the same dimensions but this is proving a struggle. Is there a better way which this could be approched?

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luca.scarpati posted this yesterday



Strange that the scanner always changes the size of the output any time.

However, you can try to split page by page and try to look for common data on the various pages and then put them back together appending the document in the other workflow and maybe if you need something data in this way you can use also a Smart OCR or Script (this modules not are based on fixed zones / part of the document).

Otherwise if in your case it is possible to try to insert a separation page that has a barcode... this is because the separation by barcode does not occur by fixed position but based on the type of the barcode and eventually the value via RegExp.


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