Embed on a Sharp MFD

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Mic.O posted this 30 March 2021


Is there any documentation about installing an embed on to a Sharp device?

I found this article that says brands other than the listed devices requires a manual installation, but I can't seem to find any installation files. 


I've created a client with the IP address of the device, but how do I get it to show on the device itself. There are also workflows that show up on the simulator too. 


ScanShare version 5.21.02

Sharp MX-511N


Any help that points me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

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luca.scarpati posted this 30 March 2021

 Hi Mic,


yes the Sharp client doesn't support any embedded automatic installation.

To install the client on Sharp devices go to web panel of your MFP, go to the tab Application settings, external Application Settings and log in with administrator rights.

Select Standard Applications Settings and add a new application...something like this:

-   Application name you can add the application name

-  Into address for Application UI you can add a: 

After submitting, the application will be available on your devide in the OSA section.


Best regards,


Mic.O posted this 15 April 2021

Hi Luigi, 

Thanks for your guidance. Sorry about the delay in getting back, we had to put this on the back burner due to some other urgent work. Only got back into this today.

We tried your instructions and was able to get the Sharp embed working. The workflows all show up on the device and we are able to use them, but we are getting an error. The scans are not getting from the MFD to the ScanShare server.

When we press the scan button, it creates a temp folder in the server.


But they are all empty.

In the device, it shows the following message.