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Michael Foster posted this 28 June 2018


I have a customer with a number of workflows which utilize the Freeform module to identify, name and route documents (A great module by the way! Our customers love it). I am now working on a new workflow which uses cover pages to identify documents into different categories related to employee HR, Employee Benefits, Contract Correspondence, Training & Development etc.

As these documents will often have no specific document which can be used to identify them, I have created cover pages which are placed in front of the relevant set of documents. I am struggling though, to create documents that pass the Freeform identification.

This customers registered Freeform documents are now up to around 23, I guess this is well inside the number that Scanshare supports?

Could you recommend the best settings to use? Confidence levels, rasterization resolution, tips on ensuring documents are not confused with other documents, or simply deleted.


Thank you in advance, Mike.

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luca.scarpati posted this 28 June 2018

Hi Mike,

the Freeform generally recognizes "structured documents", maybe your cover is not very structured and contains only a few words or small title.

For cases where the cover sheets are not structured documents and in any case are chosen by the user, we suggest: 

 - Create a barcode coversheet (with category inside the barcode), recognize the barcode, delete the page and send the document wherever you chose;

 - Otherwise, using the cover created above, let's find a few words inside it using a script and read the right category.


...there can be many solutions to your question, mostly if you have freedom to create the cover pages innocent.

If you should still have any question/problems then please send us a sample scanning with the details of which cover pages you cannot get read, so that we can check for you and suggest the best approach. You can send it via mail to so that a support ticket will be opened and we will follow the issue from there.


Have a nice afternoon!


Kind Regards,




Michael Foster posted this 03 July 2018

Hi Luca,


Thank you for your thoughts on this. I have created QR codes with the information needed. I supposes having the freedom to create cover pages does make this workflow simpler, I hadn't thought of that!

Regards, Mike

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