Difficulty creating a stream with OMR to read a template and correct student tests

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Flavio Mendes posted this 12 October 2021

Hello fellows, I have been trying for a few days to understand how the OMR mechanism works for ScanShare.

I'm trying to create a stream of work that:


1- Read a file (template.pdf) that the template of a test from a folder "PROOF";

2-After reading, the Software must perform the OMR to identify the marks of the 10 Questions: Q1,Q2,Q3....

3-After doing this reading, the program must read the file (alunos.pdf) from another "STUDENT" folder

4- After reading, the Software must perform the OMR to identify the marks of the 10 responses per student: R1,R2,R3...

5-After reading the two files, the program should compare the answers, and show the result of each question in a CSV file.


Would this be possible???


I've been searching around here and haven't found much OMR content to explore.


can you help me?

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luca.scarpati posted this 13 October 2021

Hi Flavio,


yes of course, all is possible in Scanshare and via various ways cool


The first one that comes to mind is:

  1. one workflow for the correct answers (by prof)
    1.    Capture the original document
    2.    Read OMR for the correct "response"
    3.    Create a CSV for the correct maybe with some specific file name from "Prof template"
  2. one workflow for the Student responses
    1.    Capture the original student document
    2.    Read OMR for the student responses
    3.    Create a CSV for the previous responses with some specific filename from "Classe/Prova" value
    4.    Read the CSV just created and compare with prof Template and create a final "Classe/Prova" CSV with official    result

Just for info we have also the verification module in case of the professor wants to have a double check of the Student responses.


Here you can found a post for the OMR and verification:


For more specific information or request you can write us directly to our support (support@scanshare.com)


Have a nice day!


Best regards,



Flavio Mendes posted this 14 October 2021

Hi Luca, I followed as instructed.

I created two streams, one for teacher and one for student.

However, only the teacher stream reads the file.

And the student stream does not consume file from your folder.

Am I doing something wrong, or should I create another workflow just for the student?


Here is an example of how I did it:


luca.scarpati posted this 15 October 2021

Hi Flavio,


so it will never work, let's say that our workflows don't work like that because they could generate exceptions during the process and send the engine into crisis...your above purpose/screen, structurally works as two workflows.

So if you want different inputs with different outputs then we suggest you do this:


Otherwise if the processing module have different steps (I think your case):

  1. Teacher workflow
  2. Student workflow


Best regards,